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"Way back in the 70's, I knew I wanted to hike the Bruce Trail. It was a dream that seemed to drift further and further away as my life responsibilities grew as my role evolved into wife and mother. But that dream did not fade, it was just put on the back burner for many years. In the year 2009, I saw a public event on FB, to hike the Bruce Trail with Lenny Burch and anyone else who was interested. I signed up and I've never looked back. The people I've met and the friendships I've bonded with along the way have changed my life in ways that I could never explain. I grew as a person, and tested myself in the elements that I never thought I could overcome. It gave me an appreciation for nature, and all the creatures that live within it. I just want to thank Lenny, for his expertise in leading, and making sure we always got through safely all these years. You have helped me to fulfill my dream Lenny, and for that, I will be forever grateful! We still have some mileage to go, but I have no doubt, we will get'er done! Good Luck on your upcoming adventure of the WCT!"

-Pamela K. of ON

"Lenny Burch possesses a rare passion for the outdoors.

I have participated in some of his tours that consisted of hiking through scenic trails and I have also joined his tours during more challenging weather conditions that included rain and snow. Regardless of the weather, his enthusiasm is contagious when he shares with others his love of hiking and being in the outdoors. He has consistently demonstrated his knowledge of survival skills in the wilderness, leadership with helping and looking out for his participants and he possesses considerable knowledge on the types of gear to purchase in order to make a hiking experience an enjoyable one.

I highly recommend him as an outdoor adventure guide."

- Elaine M. of ON

"NAC is a fantastic group of people of different ages and interests who come together on Saturdays to enjoy hiking and being outdoors. Lenny is a very knowledgeable and energetic hiking guide who very generously shares his time with anyone interested in learning about hiking, camping, equipment etc. He will even take you shopping for gear and help you get discounts when possible! If you want to get outside and meet some interesting people I highly recommend this group."

-Diana A. of ON

"Niagara Adventure Club has such a great group of people. Lenny is an extremely experienced guide and can answer any of your hiking questions.
Looking forward to many more adventures!"

-Diane B. of NY

"The people that are part of this group are all extremely respectful stewards of nature. They are kind, fun, and serious about the safety of their members. Lenny is a knowledgeable leader and spends a lot of time and energy putting together the events. Highly recommended."

-Inaz J. of ON

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