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Season Pass Holders, Subscribers and attendees of NAC events must comply with the following Terms and Conditions.
Failure to comply may result in removal from any event and/or having a Season Pass revoked and/or having Subscriber/Season Pass benifits revoked. 
*Inactive Subscriber accounts will be removed after 6 months of inactivity.

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  1. Season Pass fees are to be paid in full annually. Partial Payment and Incomplete Payment will be revoked.

  2. Season Pass fees are non-refundable.

  3. Season Pass begins on January 1st of said year and expires on December 31st of the same year.

  4. Registrants must provide factual information when registering for a Seasons Pass.

  5. It is the duty of the Seasons Pass Holder to ensure that N.A.C. has the most recent contact information.

  6. Seasons Pass Holders are required to respond to emails and other such forms of communication when required.

  7. Seasons Pass Holders will be supplied with one membership card per year, there will be a fee of $5 for replacement membership cards.

  8. Photos/Videos taken or collected during or after any NAC Event or Function becomes the property of N.A.C. and may be used for advertising or other purposes.

Season Pass

EVENTS (event terms apply to all event participants)

  1. Participants must have completed a First Timer's Orientation before attending their first event.

  2. Participants must complete an N.A.C. Participation Form before attending their first event.

  3. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their N.A.C. Participation Form contains the most up to date information.

  4. Participants are to pay any and all event fees in advance. 

  5. Participants must carefully read and comply with the information provided in the event details.

  6. Persons attending events must be wearing appropriate apparel for the activity as detailed in the event information.

  7. Persons attending events must have the appropriate gear for the activity as detailed in the event information.

  8. Family pets are not permitted at N.A.C. events without making prior arrangements with club owner or guides.

  9. Participants are to give appropriate notice of cancelations. Deadlines are included in the event information.

  10. There will be no refunds for participants who cancel ofter the deadline or do not attend the event.

  11. Participants showing signs of impairment will not be allowed to participate.

  12. Alcohol and/or marijuana and/or narcotic use is not permitted before or during events.

  13. Participants are to remain with the group, unless arrangements have been made otherwise.

  14. Participants found to be rude or a disturbance will be banned from future N.A.C. events.

  15. Participants who regularily ignore event rules or N.A.C. guides will be banned from future N.A.C. events.

  16. Participants are required to inform Club Owner/Guide of any medical conditions, allergies, or special needs (medications, ect.) prior to event.

  17. Participants are required to listen to and follow the instructions of the Club Owner/Club Guide.

  18. Photos taken or collected during or after any N.A.C. Event or Function becomes the property of N.A.C. and may be used for advertising or other purposes.



  1. Any post/comment that contains profanity is subject to removal. 

  2. Any post/comment that contains hate speech or threats is subject to removal. 

  3. Any post/comment found to be innacurate or non-factual is subject to removal.

  4. Any post/comment that may place readers in jeopardy is subject to removal.

  5. User accounts found in constant violation of these terms are subject to deletion.

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