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What is the Partners Program?


Niagara Adventure Club is a not-for-profit outdoor adventure club, but we still have to cover our operating costs. In order to do so, we charge minimal fees for all events, as well as selling Seasons Passes to our regular patrons. NAC Partners offer our Season Pass Holders some form of benefit such as discounts on products or services, coupons, free services, or some other form of benefit.

Click here to see what benefits NAC Partners offer.

In return, the NAC Partner will receive advertising space on the NAC Website. Your logo and a link to your business web site will be displayed prominently on the 6 most popular pages of this website! Your logo will also be displayed at the top of each Adventure Weekly Newsletter. Not to mention all the advertising we will do for you on NAC Social Media sites.


Review our statistics below to find out just how much our advertising will benefit your business.

How many Season Pass Holders does NAC Have?

NAC Generally sells 25 to 40 Seasons Passes per Calendar Year. Season Pass Holders are easily identified using their Season Pass Cards. Their Season Pass Card is a photo ID with a clearly marked expiry date, so it is very easy to identify them and ensure they are valid Season Pass Holders. 


Our Season Pass Holders live in Southwest Ontario, in regions such as Niagara, Hamilton/Wentworth, Toronto and the GTA, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, and other regions. 

Due to the low number of Season Pass holders, and the various regions they live in, the cost to you as a NAC Partners is minimal, and could even be free! 


That's right, all this advertising could be free!

How can I become an NAC Partner?


Give us a call or email us, we would love to hear from you!


Advertising Statistics:

Just how far will your advertising with NAC go? Here are a few of the numbers;

)Updated February 20, 2024)

Our Website (Google Analytics)

Average Weekly Hits: 396

Adventure Weekly Newsletter (Example)

Currently has 597 subscribers

Average Email Open Rate: 72%

Our email subscribers are mainly located in Southwestern Ontario with the majority being within the Golden Horseshoe

Niagara Adventure Club on Facebook

Followers: 2590+ 

Niagara Adventure Club on Instagram

Followers: 3815+

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