About Lenny Burch and Niagara Adventure Club



my name is Lenny Burch and since I was old enough to wander on my own I have loved setting out into the outdoors and finding new adventures. Starting at an early age, I scaled anything I could, and to my mother's disliking, I had little to no fear. I often loved to camp out, pitching a tent and playing with camping gadgets just about anywhere, from the backyard to the coyote infested meadows near our home. In my teenage years, I was introduced to rappeling, which then led to climbing. A few years later, I started studying rope techniques and high angle rescue. As I got older, I got bolder, taking on more and more challenges, and increasing my knowledge of skills and techinques. I have taken such courses as Hike Leader, Wilderness First Aid, and more recently, Wilderness Advanced First Aid. I am a Certified Top Rope Rock Climbing Instructor, and Confined Space Rescue. I have also completed many other online courses, and self taught courses using Industry Standard manuals. 

In 2007, looking for other like-minded individuals, I started the Facebook groups, Hiking and Backpacking Niagara, Rock Climbing Niagara, Ski and Snowboard Niagara, and 4x4 Niagara. With these groups, I made many great connections, and so many great friends. But it was getting tough to organize events across all those platforms, so I decided it was time to amalgamate these and form one group on the Facebook platform. In 2013, Niagara Adventure Club was created! In 2018, it was evident that Niagara Adventure Club needed a new platform that was highly flexible and geared towards our needs, and NiagaraAdventure.ca was developed.


Today, Niagara Adventure Club is still growing.  We organize and lead over 20 day hikes, 4 multi-day hikes, and one international trip each year. Our events include hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing mainly, but we are not limitied to only those activities, we are always looking for new and amazing experiences.  


Many people from all walks of life and all age groups have set out on adventures with N.A.C. It will always be our goal to provide amazing adventures that will ensure memories for a life time while maintaining a high level of safety and responsibility.  I look forward to many more events, and many great new adventures with old friends and new.  


I hope that you can join us on an adventure in the near future, and can't wait to meet you!



              Lenny Burch