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Beausoleil Island Kayak

Beausoleil Island, National Park, Ontario

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DATES: July 19, 2024 - July 21, 2024

DEADLINE: June 30, 2024



*Fees are non-refundable after Registration Deadline

** Season Pass Holders will recieve discount at time of invoice

*** Additional fees may be incurred for unforseen circumstances

Niagara Adventure Club

- Canada Parks Passes
- Parking Fees
- Camp Site Fees
- Guided Paddle
- Satellite Communications
- Camp Fuel
- Access to First Aid
- Access to Emergency Equipment


-Does not include any meals on or off trip (On Trip Dinners and Breakfasts may be purchased as a package from NAC prior to trip)

Equipment and Apparel:
-Does not include any necessary paddling equipment or apparel. Participants are required to supply or rent their own gear, including kayaks, paddles, PFD, etc.
- Participants will have the option to share gear amongst team members, for example, tents, stoves, etc. 

-You are required to provide your own transportation to and from the meeting location.

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What Will You Be Doing?

Friday, July 19, 2024:

The Group will meet in Honey Harbour. After lunch hour, we will unpack and prepare our kayaks for launch by loading them with the gear, food and clothing we will need for our 3 day excursion. After parking our vehicles for the weekend, we will launch from the Honey Harbour area and start our 7km paddle to the shores of Beausoleil Island where we will find and set up camp for the evening. After setting up, we will enjoy the beauty of the island, have dinner, and enjoy the night sky before heading to sleep

Saturday, July 20, 2024:
Waking up with the sunrise, we will enjoy a quiet camp breakfast and hot beverage before packing up camp and our kayaks and launching out into the Georgian Bay.  Once in the water, we will begin our 19km journey around Beausoleil Island. Along our journey we will be privy to many beautiful sites including views of at least 2 picturesque lighthouses and visit many smaller islands. One such island will be a rest stop and lunch area. After lunch we will continue along the shores of Beausoleil Island and make our way to Chimney Bay where we will find a beautiful area to set up camp for the night. After setting up, we will again, have dinner and enjoy the beautiful night sky from the beaches of the Island.

Sunday, July 21, 2024:
On this morning, we shall rise with the sounds of nature and begin our day with a warm breakfast and hot cup of joe. We can take our time as we take down camp and pack our kayaks for the short journey back to the mainland. Once packed, we will launch and paddle along the shore at a leisurely pace until we reach the beautiful  Beausoleil Bay where we will then cut across to Big Dog Channel and into Honey Harbour. Once at Honey Harbour, we will pack up our vehicles, strap our kayaks into the racks, and say our good byes as this is the end of our journey.

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