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Walter's Falls Multi-day Hike

Owen Sound, ON

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DATES: April 21, 2023 - April23, 2023

DEADLINE: March 31, 2023



*Fees are non-refundable after Registration Deadline

** Season Pass Holders will recieve discount at time of invoice


-2 trail breakfasts, 2 trail dinners

-Trail Head to Trail Head Taxi Service

-Camp fuel on trail
-Access to First Aid
-Access to Emergency Equipment

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What Will You Be Doing?

Friday, April 21, 2023:

The Group will meet in Owen Sound for a quick breakfast and then prepare to begin our trek. After a short taxi ride, we will begin our multi-day hike with 19kms of beautiful trail and finishing the day at Ambrose Camp. After setting up tents and filtering drinking and cooking water from the near by stream, we will make dinner and relax. After which we will clean camp, and settle in under the stars for the night. A lean-to cabin at the campsite with a firepit will provide shelter and a social venue to enjoy dinner and relive the day before climbing into our tents for the night.

Saturday, April 22, 2023:
Waking up with the sunrise, we will enjoy a quiet breakfast and hot beverage before packing up camp and heading out to complete the next leg of the trail. Once packed, we will make our way back to the Bruce Trail and begin the 18km hike that will take us to Bighead Campsite for the evening, but not before enjoying some amazing scenery and Walters Falls. Again, at camp we will enjoy a hearty dinner before settling in for the night.  

Sunday, April 23, 2023:
As the sun hits our tents, we will wake to begin breakfast and break camp. After cleaning up dishes and packing everything away, we will begin the third and final day hike. On this day we will complete our longest of the three days, 23kms. As difficult as that sounds, our journey will be rewarded with views of the Georgian bay and a trip through Bognor Marsh. Our trek will end at our vehicles where we can change out of our hiking boots, and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment before heading home. 

As this will be an early spring hike, the nights will be cold. Proper attire and gear is absolutely necessary, as well as basic skills and knowledge to ensure an enjoyable trip.

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