Annual Registration

How do I register as a N.A.C. member?
Registration is easy. Simply fill in the form on this page.
An email invoice for your registration fees will be sent to you within 10 business days. Simply pay your Membership Fee via Credit Card or eTransfer. Once payment has been recieved, your registration will be approved and your member card, coupons and information package will be mailed to you. It's that simple!
Is there a fee to join the N.A.C.?
There is an annual fee to join the N.A.C. As a paid member you will recieve many benefits as outlined on the Member Benefits Page.
Annual membership fees are  due in December of the previous year. For example; if you wish to register for 2021, you will be required to register/renew in December of 2020. Late Registration is permitted, but you may not receive your new N.A.C. ID card and benefits before the beginning of the year.
If you are learning about the N.A.C. mid year, you may register during the year with a pro-rated registration fee.
Annual Registration Fee is $35.00
All fee are in Canadian Currency
Register January 1st to March 31st: $35.00
Register April 1st to June 30th: $30.00
Register July1st to September 30th: $25.00
Register October 1 to December 31st: $20.00
An invoice will will be sent to the email address provided, please ensure your email address has been entered correctly. 
Registration will be approved and registration package will be mailed once payment in full has been recieved. A valid membership card is required to recieve Membership benefits. 
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An invoice for payment will be sent out to the email you supplied within 10 business days.

Please check your Spam Folder if you do not recieve your invoice.

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