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  • Extreme Hiker
    Extreme Hiker
    Granted to those who have attended and completed a NAC multi-day expedition.
  • Awesome Hiker
    Awesome Hiker
    Granted to those that have attended and completed 10 or more NAC Day Hikes.
  • Extreme Climber
    Extreme Climber
    Granted to those who have climbed 200+ft or hike to 5000+ft with NAC.
  • Intense Climber
    Intense Climber
    Granted to those that have participated in indoor/outdoor climbing with NAC.
  • The Loyal
    The Loyal
    Awarded for loyalty of 10 years or more.
  • The Devoted
    The Devoted
    Awarded for 5 to 10 years of loyalty.
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Julia Prescott

Extreme Hiker
Awesome Hiker
Extreme Climber
Intense Climber
The Loyal
The Devoted
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