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Lenny Burch
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Hi guys,

Our Partnership with James at Climber's Rock is a very new one, and as such, we have been ironing out the bugs in the system. The most challenging problem has been the day passes and guest passes. When arriving at the gym, I was informing the desk staff of who was there and what type of pass they were going to use and then they had to transfer everything all over while trying to deal with the line up of customers coming in, it was challenging to say the least, and mistakes have been happening. To alleviate this problem, going forward;

All Season Pass Holders will purchase their passes from me in advance utilizing the Climber's Rock Day Pass Purchase Form (

From there, the passes will be transferred to your Climber's Rock account. You can then use them at any time you wish, just check in at the counter and let them know of your arrival. Please make sure you always check in with the desk staff.

It is in your best interest to purchase multiple passes at a time. You may purchase up to 5 per transaction. Use the Climber's Rock Portal to see how many passes you have left on your account by logging in at;

Any passes you purchase from Niagara Adventure Club will be added to your account on the Friday following the purchase. So, if you purchase passes on Monday, they will be there Friday about mid-day, so make sure you allow enough time for the transfer. Thank you all! Lenny

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