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Gros Morne Expedition

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

The Northern Traverse and Long Range Traverse will be a demanding 63 kilometer trek in the remote Newfoundland backcountry of Gros Morne National Park. There are no marked or maintained trails on this hike,  and requires hikers to rely on GPS and map and compass navigation as well as many other backcountry skills. The Gros Morne adventurer faces steep cliffs, dense "tuckamore" (alpine krummholz), swarming black flies, and roaming moose and caribou, but the intrepid souls who tackle this challenge are richly rewarded with a powerful sense of wildness and some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes to be found anywhere in the world.

Join Niagara Adventure Club on the adventure, and you will be rewarded with a deep feeling of accomplishment and incredible memories that will last a lifetime and amaze all those you regale with the many stories you will have. 

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DATES: Sept. 16, 2024 - Sept. 24, 2024

DEADLINE: June 8, 2024 @ 10:00pm



*Downpayment is non-refundable after Registration Deadline

** Additional Fees may be incurred due to exchange, inflation or other unforseen increases..


Niagara Adventure Club


Concierge Travel Group

TICO #: 50021829


-Off Trail Accomodations (Hostel)
​-Trail Perm
its and Canada Parks Fees
-guided trail experience
-access to trail gear
-preparation advice
-Satellite Communications

-Round Trip Flights
-Transportation to and from Airport

-Transportation to and from Trail Head


-Does not include any meals on or off trail (On Trail Dinners and Breakfasts may be purchased as a package from NAC prior to trip)

Equipment and Apparel:
-Does not include any necessary trail equipment or apparel. Participants are required to supply or rent their own gear.
- Participants will have the option to share gear amongst team members

Transportation or parking at Pearson Int. Airport:
-You are required to provide your own transportation and parking arrangements to and from Toronto International airport.

-Travel and Medical Insurance will be left at the discretion of the participant.

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What Will You Be Doing?

Monday, September 16, 2024:

Our Group will meet at Toronto International Airport to board our 7:50am flight to Deer Lake International Airport in Newfoundland. After that time, we will pick up and load our rental cars and head out towards Gros Morne National Park where we will check into our Hostel for the evening and prepare for our incredible 6 day journey. After a good meal, we will settle in for a good night's sleep, as we will need it.

Tuesday, September 17, 2024:
On Tuesday morning, we will check out of the Hostel, pack the cars, and visit a local diner for a good breakfast. After this time, we will begin shuttling our fellow hikers to the start point of the hike. Once everyone is at the start point, we will begin the first day of our trek. It will be a short day of hiking as we will hike across the flatland to get to the base of a beautiful mountain range. Here, we will set up camp at the base of the mountain on the beautiful beach of Snug Harbour. Here we will enjoy the beauty of the inland lake and revel at the mountains we will climb the next morning.

Wednesday, September 18, 2024:
We will wake to a beautiful sunset coming up over the mountains. After a good breakfast and packing up camp we will proceed to begin our 2000' climb to the top of the mountain range, where we will be spending the next 5 days embedded deeply in the wilderness. We will be following an unmarked trail, using our navigation skills and GPS tracking to guide us to Triangle Pond where will we set up camp for the evening and enjoy a well deserved hot meal.

Thursday, September 19, 2024
On this morning, we will rise early as it will be our longest day. We will have a good, but quick breakfast and pack up camp. We will need to hurry, we have to trek 16kms today through thick brush and up and down many valleys to reach our next camp. This will be a primitive camp, chosen for it's flat area, and clean water source. For our trek, it has been named Lauren's camp and it will be home for the evening.

Friday, September 20, 2024:
We can relax this morning, as we only have to complete 11kms today. We will relax and enjoy our breakfast before packing up camp. Our trek today will be mainly flat, with the exception of a 500 foot climb near the end just before climbing down the other side to make it to our next camp at Harding's Pond. Once here, we can drop our packs, and relax for a bit before setting up home for the evening. After a good dinner and clean up, we can sit back and enjoy the beautiful night sky before climbing into our cozy tents for the night.

Saturday, September 21, 2024:
An early rise will give us a head start after a good camp breakfast. We have to make just over 14kms today, and we have many hills to climb. Today's hike will be full of many ups and downs while we make our way to Ferry Gulch Camp, the last camp on our expedition. It will be a long and grueling day, but offer many incredible sites, and hopefully there will be wildlife sightings. At the 12km mark, we will begin our descent of the moutain range, stopping mid way to make camp and get a good nights sleep. 

Sunday, September 22, 2024:
Today we will have a choice. After packing up camp, we can choose the short 7km journey down a long gentle slope back the vehicles, or we may choose to climb Gros Morne Mountain next to camp, which offers an amazing view of the island followed by a steep descent to civilization below. Either way, our last day will be a gorgeous day as we discuss the journey we just completed. Once at the base of the mountain, we will use the two vehicles to get everyone back to the Hostel for a much deserved hot shower before dinner. 

Monday, September 23, 2024:
This is your day, there isn't a lot to do in the area, but there is much to see! Enjoy the day by relaxing and resting your sore muscles, or visit one of the many hiking trails on the island. The area is full of mountain ranges, oceanic beach and many inland lakes. The opportunities are endless! After your activities, grab a meal in one of the local restaurants or prepare a meal at the hostel. And then get a good nights sleep for the next day's travel home.

Tuesday, September 24, 2024:
We will check out of Hostel and grab breakfast. You will have a little time to relax before we have lunch and then begin our drive back to Deer Lake International Airport. At 6:00pm will we board our 3.5hr flight home with one stop in Montreal. At 9:30pm we will land in Toronto, and say our good byes before heading off, as this is the end of our adventure.

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