The Grotto Three Day Backpacking Trip

Trip Information

The Grotto is a scenic cave containing a pool of blue water, located on the Georgian Bay in Bruce Peninsula National Park. This trip will be a long hike into the Park with a day to relax and enjoy the Grotto, and then a long haul to the North Cairn of the Bruce Trail! Only 6 spots available!


We will only carry day packs, leaving all overnight camp items stored in a vehicle at the park. 

We will be spending two nights at a paid camp site and have amenities such as washrooms, showers, picnic tables, potable water, and a fire ring with a maximum of 5 people per tent site.


Friday, August 28, 2020 (20.5kms)

6:00am - Meet for Breakfast in Wiarton.

(Tim Hortons, 2501 Main St, Wiarton, Ontario V3T 3E5)

7:00am - Drive to Bruce Penninsula NP.

8:00am - Drive to parking area in Tobermory

8:30am - Take Taxi Service to Start point

9:00am - Begin hike

12:30pm - Stop for lunch and rest on trail. 

1:00pm - Continue hiking.

5:00pm - Reach camp area, set up camp, prepare for dinner.

6:30pm - Set up camp for night (Dishes, clothes line, ect.)

11:00pm - Lights out

Saturday, August 29, 2020 (0.0kms)

7:30am - Wake up, begin breakfast on Bar-B-Q

7:30am - Clean camp, dishes, ect.

8:00am - Free Time to explore the Grotto and the Park.

12:30pm - Bar-B-Q Lunch

1:30pm - Free Time

6:00pm - Begin Bar-B-Q  dinner

7:30pm - Set up Camp for night (Dishes, clothes line, ect.)

8:30pm - Pack non-essentials back in car

10:00pm - Lights out

Sunday, August 30, 2020 (20.7kms)

7:00am - Wake up, oatmeal breakfast

8:00am - Clean camp, dishes, pack camp, pack car.

9:30am - Begin days hike.

1:30pm - Stop for lunch and rest on trail. 

1:30pm - Continue hiking.

5:00pm - Reach finish area pack vehichles

5:45pm - Restaraunt dinner and depart for home.

Required Equipment



Clothing (Wearing)

  • Non-cotton underwear. 

  • Merino wool hiking socks

  • Convertible Hiking Pants/Hiking Pants

  • Non-cotton t-shirt

  • Hat

  • 3/4 hiking boots

  • Watch

Clothing (Packed at Park)

Place these items in a separate duffle to be left in a vehicle at the park.

  • Non-cotton underwear

  • Merino wool socks

  • Shorts (If wearing non-convertible pants)

  • Short Sleeve Hiking Shirt

  • Long Sleeve Hiking Shirt

  • Camp shoes (Runners, Sandles, Water Shoes)

  • Swim Wear / Bathing Suit

  • Rain Jacket / Rain Pants

  • Light sleep clothes

Gear on the Trail

(We will be using day packs, only carrying what we need for the day)

  • Approx. 32L backpack

  • Pack Fly

  • Rain Gear

  • Lunch and two snacks

  • Headlamp / extra batteries

  • 2x 1L water bottle

  • Sunscreen / Bugspray / Lip Balm

  • Personal Medications

  • Multi-tool / knife

Extras (Optional)

  • Phone / MP3 Player

  • Earphones

  • Hiking Poles

  • Camera

Hygene (Left in Vehicle at Park)

Place these items in a separate duffle to be left at park.

  • Toothpaste

  • Toothbrush

  • Pack Towel

  • Pack Washcloth

Gear (Left in Vehicle at Park)

Place these items in a separate duffle to be left at park.

  • Sleeping Pad

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Pillow (optional)

  • Food Dish / Bowl

  • Cup

  • Spork

  • Lunch and 2 snacks for day 3


  • Zip or Velcro Walet

  • Identification

  • Health Card

  • Bank Card / Credit Card

  • Cash

Required Equipment



Shelter (Left in vehicle at park)

  • Tent(s) (Shared tents are preffered as camp site space is limited)

  • Guide Tarp (supplied)

Cooking / Kitchen (supplied)

(Left in Vehicle at Park)

  • Lighter / Matches

  • Cook Stove / Pot Set

  • Kitchen Utensil Kit

  • Water Filtration System

Navigation ( supplied)

  • GPS Unit

  • Topo Maps

  • Compass

  • Notebook / Pencil

First Aid / Emergency (supplied)

  • First Aid Kit

  • Repair Kit (Tent Patch, Pole Repair, ect.)




Breakfast: Restaurant

1st Snack: BYO

Lunch: BYO

2nd Snack: BYO

Dinner: Supplied Freeze Dried Meal


Breakfast: Supplied B-B-Q Breakfast

1st Snack: BYO

Lunch: Supplied B-B-Q Lunch

2nd Snack: BYO

Dinner: Supplied B-B-Q Dinner


Breakfast: Supplied Oatmeal Breakfast

1st Snack: BYO

Lunch: BYO

2nd Snack: BYO

Dinner: Restaurant

(BYO = Bring Your Own)